Do Nike Tech Fleece Shrink?

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Can Nike Tech Fleece Shrink? I really like the look of Nike’s Tech Fleece on both men and women, but I’m concerned they might shrink after several washings. Is this true? If so, how much? Should I take them to the dry cleaner or do my own washing? Are there any tricks you know to keep them from shrinking? What if they get stretched out, will they shrink back down to their original size? Can I put them in the dryer and/or do I have to hang them up when done?

Yes, Nike Tech Fleece can shrink

Nike Tech Fleece is made from 100% polyester, but some of the fibers in the fabric are elastic. If you put too much heat on these fibers, they will contract and cause the fabric to have a tighter weave. This can make your Nike Tech Fleece feel smaller. You can avoid shrinking your Nike Tech Fleece by not drying them in direct sunlight or by using high heat settings on your dryer. If you do notice that your Nike Tech Fleece has shrunk, we recommend going one size up next time you buy a new pair. To save money, ask friends and family members if they have any extra pairs of old Nike Tech Fleece. Or go online to see if you can find any great deals!

Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink When Washed?

Nike Tech Fleece is a high-tech fabric that has been engineered to allow for maximum breathability, comfort, and protection. It is not uncommon for people to wonder if Nike Tech Fleece shrinks when washed. The answer to this question is yes, Nike Tech Fleece will shrink when it’s washed. 

The way the fabric will shrink depends on two factors: how much you washed your item and what type of washer you used. Generally speaking, if you use a very hot wash cycle with lots of detergent then your Nike Tech Fleece will be more likely to shrink. If you use a cold wash cycle with minimal detergent, then the likelihood of shrinking decreases. It also may depend on whether or not the dryer is set on low heat or high heat. If the dryer setting is set to low heat, there may be less chance of shrinking than if it’s set at high heat. When you first purchase Nike Tech Fleece, we recommend washing it once on cold before wearing it in order to remove any chemicals from the manufacturing process. After that initial wash, there are many different ways to care for your Nike Tech Fleece so that it lasts as long as possible. 

If you choose an airy outdoor run rather than intense workouts inside a gym, our water repellent material resists sweat and dries fast so they can get back out in the fresh air quickly. Our moisture wicking technology moves sweat away from skin to keep them cool and comfortable all day long. These fabrics work together to help them stay dry and comfy from morning until night!

Nike Tech Fleece Products


Nike tech fleece hoodies

Nike tech fleece pants


Nike Tech Fleece Jackets are perfect for the winter season. These jackets are designed with a high-quality and durable fabric that is water resistant, windproof, and warm. The Nike Tech Fleece Jacket also features side pockets and a drawstring waist. These jackets come in nine different colors to choose from: black, white, dark grey, light blue, red, green, beige, orange and pink. A lot of these colors will go with most outfits! They also come in three sizes: small, medium, and large so you can find the best fit for your body type. The Nike Tech Fleece Jackets can either be worn as an outerwear or an underlayer so you can find what works best for your climate! 

This jacket has everything that a woman could ask for! With it being super lightweight and affordable, this jacket will last all year long!

Nike tech fleece hoodies

Nike has been a known, reliable brand for decades. They are known for quality and innovation, which is why so many people wear their products. Nike Tech Fleece Hoodies are made of thick material that retains heat but doesn’t make you too hot to wear in the summertime. This product is constructed with an elastic waistband, cinching hoodie strings and a front pouch pocket to store your phone or other small items. The only downside to these hoodies is that they tend to shrink in the wash by about one size. I recommend buying one size up if you’re trying to avoid this issue.

Nike tech fleece pants

Nike has always been a brand that people have trusted to provide quality products. Now, with the introduction of their new Nike Tech Fleece Pants, they are proving this once again. These pants are constructed with a variety of materials and designed to keep athletes warm and dry during any activity, but also looking good at the same time. If you have been searching for a pair of pants that is both comfortable and stylish, these may be what you’ve been looking for. With a wide range of colors, as well as designs, there is sure to be something available that will match your style perfectly. The reflective detailing on the inside of the waistband makes it easier for runners to stay visible in low light conditions. 

In addition, these pants offer comfort and warmth by utilizing recycled polyester fibers that are woven together in order to keep you insulated. In order to ensure comfort, Nike has used flat seams throughout this product in order to prevent any chaffing or rubbing while wearing them and minimize irritation while running or exercising. In addition, they have included a drawstring waistband so that you can customize your fit around your body type and make them more form fitting if desired.

How to avoid having your Nike Tech Fleece shrinking

This is a question that often comes up with people who are new to Nike Tech Fleece. Nike Tech Fleece is great because it’s light weight, soft and warm. What you might not realize though, is that Nike Tech Fleece can shrink in the wash or dryer. The good news is that it’s not irreversible! Follow these steps to help prevent your Nike Tech Fleece from shrinking too much: 

1) Make sure you wash your Nike Tech Fleece with cold water on a gentle cycle. 

2) Turn your clothes inside out before putting them in the dryer to keep them from getting beat up by the machine. 

3) If you do use hot water when washing your Nike Tech Fleece, make sure you use a cool setting on the dryer. 

4) Take it out of the washer and shake off any excess water then hang it up to air dry for about 24 hours. 

5) If you are using fabric softener, add half of what is recommended for your load size and avoid using fabric sheets as they can cause extra shrinkage. 

6) Finally, turn your clothes inside out before putting them in the dryer to keep them from getting beat up by the machine

What to do if your Nike Tech Fleece already shrunk

1) Did you wash your Nike Tech Fleece before wearing it? If so, this may be the cause of the shrinking. To fix this, wash it again with cold water and a detergent made for whites. 

2) What was the temperature when you washed your Nike Tech Fleece? The hotter the water, the more likely that your garment will shrink. 

3) Did you dry your Nike Tech Fleece in a dryer? If so, try drying it on a clothesline or on an outdoor rack to reduce shrinkage. 

4) Is there a tag that says Dry Clean Only? You should only dry clean your garments if they are labeled as such. 

5) Is it all one color?

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Nike Tech Fleece Shrinkage is a common issue, and there are many different factors that can contribute to the shrinking of your Nike Tech Fleece. One way to help prevent this is by laying them flat when they’re not being worn instead of hanging them up or folding them. You should also make sure you’re not doing any vigorous activity in the Nike Tech Fleeces, as this can damage the fibers. Additionally, if you find that your Nike Tech Fleece are still shrinking despite these efforts, it might be time for a new pair! There are so many options available on the market today, with tons of colors and designs so it shouldn’t be too hard to find another pair that suits your needs.

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