Do you Need PlayStation Plus to play Dark Souls 3?

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Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Dark Souls 3? After all, the new game isn’t coming out until early April, so there’s no rush to join the service if you haven’t already. Whether or not it’s worth it to sign up just yet depends on how much you plan on playing Dark Souls 3 and whether you own any other PS4 games that require the service already.

Dark Souls 3 has finally been released, and fans are clamoring to get their hands on it. For some gamers, however, this means purchasing the game digitally and signing up for PlayStation Plus in order to play the game online with other players. But does Dark Souls 3 require PlayStation Plus to play? More specifically, do you need PlayStation Plus to play Dark Souls 3? Let’s take a look at what exactly PlayStation Plus is, what you get when you buy it, and if Dark Souls 3 requires it or not.

Why PS+ is Not Required

As of yet, Sony has not stated whether or not PlayStation Plus is required for online multiplayer in Dark Souls 3. From what we can tell from previous announcements regarding PS+ and other titles, it appears that there will be no difference between a player who pays for a PS+ subscription and one who does not. Both parties will have access to all of the game’s features: DLC, co-op and PVP modes will all be available even if a player does not pay for a PS+ membership. However, as with any title released on consoles nowadays, users will have to connect their console to an internet connection in order to play at all. Therefore, if you don’t plan on using your console for anything but Dark Souls 3 (or another title which requires an internet connection), then paying for PS+ might not be necessary.

How to Get the Cheapest PS+ Subscription

If you’re an avid gamer looking for ways to cut down on your monthly expenses, don’t forget about Playstation Plus. This popular subscription program from Sony is a must-have for gamers looking for some perks. Membership unlocks tons of features: exclusive discounts, automatic game updates and demos, free games every month, cloud storage, and early access to betas. On top of all that, there are also events like online tournaments. Because PS+ offers so much value—for just $50 a year—it’s easy to see why it’s one of Amazon’s most popular seller subscriptions! To save money, be sure to take advantage of any special deals or promotional codes available when signing up for a new membership. There are often bundles available which include items like games or accessories at no extra cost. You can even get discounted memberships through retailers like GameStop or Best Buy, where they offer their own coupons and rebates with purchase. And if you already have a membership but want to renew at a lower price, check out sites like eBay and Craigslist where you might be able to score used cards at steep discounts (just make sure they aren’t stolen!). When shopping around for deals, be sure not only compare prices but shipping costs as well; sometimes buying direct will save more than getting it somewhere else after factoring in shipping fees.

When Can You Play Without PS+

The release of a new game from Sony’s game studio, From Software, has meant that console gamers everywhere are talking about how much money they’re going to have to spend. Unfortunately, it turns out that owning a PlayStation 4 won’t be enough if you’re looking forward to playing Dark Souls 3 when it comes out in early April 2016. To actually be able to play From’s latest RPG epic, players will have shell out an additional $59.99 per year for what Sony calls PlayStation Plus. If you’re planning on playing online multiplayer games like Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty: Black Ops III, getting PS+ is pretty much essential anyway. But it might come as a surprise to learn that even single-player games require PS+. This means that, unless you already own a subscription, you’ll also have to pay extra if you want to play Bloodborne or any other single-player game. That said, there are some benefits—like free monthly games and discounts on pre-orders—to being part of Sony’s premium service. But those perks aren’t necessarily worth $60/year if all you want is access to one game.

Can I be Suspended or Banned if I Don’t Have PS+?

The short answer is: No, you can’t. You don’t have to be logged into PS+ on your PS4 in order to play offline single-player games that don’t require an Internet connection. However, if you do decide not to buy a subscription and end up in a multiplayer game, your character may be invisible or otherwise difficult for other players to connect with. Additionally, some games will prompt you to sign into PS+ during installation—and some won’t even let you install them unless you are logged into PS+. So while it might not get you banned or suspended outright, there are certainly some downsides to playing without a subscription. If it makes sense for your situation (say if all of your friends already have one), then go ahead and get one! But if everyone else has opted out of paying for PS+, then think twice before giving Sony any more money than necessary.


Dark Souls III requires a network connection and a PlayStation Plus account, but it doesn’t require a subscription fee. That’s right: If you have PS+ and have been reading any comments on social media, some people think they need PS+ to access multiplayer in Dark Souls III. This isn’t true! You can buy Dark Souls III with all of its online features unlocked at GameStop or online retailers like Amazon. In fact, there are several copies available for only $29 . It’s possible that people are confused by rumors that players will be able to earn rewards from defeating other players; these benefits will come in an update later on. So how does PS+ affect your Dark Soul experience? First, if you don’t have PS+, make sure to get it now so you can download a copy of Dark Souls III. Then, when you boot up your game for the first time, select New Game instead of Network Mode—this will let you bypass any potential connectivity issues associated with connecting over PSN. After that, just connect over local WiFi (or use wired Ethernet) to enjoy playing Dark Souls III without worrying about lag or connectivity issues!

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