How To Make a Chair Out of Cans?

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You can make this easy and inexpensive patio chair out of two 20-ounce cans of tuna fish (or whatever cans you have on hand that are approximately the same size). It may not look like much at first, but once you paint and decorate it, it makes an adorable addition to any outdoor space! All you’ll need to make it is one roll of painter’s tape, and if you like the idea, you can find more great ideas by searching painted cans on Pinterest. Making a chair out of cans can be an easy, fun project that results in an attractive new piece of furniture! It’s great for indoor or outdoor use and lets you customize it however you’d like by changing the size, color, or number of cans you use. You’ll have one heck of a time putting this together, but at the end, you’ll feel like you accomplished something really special and will have yourself an awesome new chair!

Gather your supplies

-Empty soda can -Hairdryer -Small piece of cloth (or leather) -Glue gun or duct tape -Scissors

  1. Take the top and bottom off the soda can, put the small piece of cloth in between the two pieces, and then glue or tape it together so that there is no longer any opening on either side. 
  2. With your scissors, cut off one end of the can, making a triangle shape with two points as far apart from each other as possible. 
  3. Put some glue on one point and hold it up until it dries; you will know when this has happened because there will be an indentation in the center where you applied the glue. Repeat this step for the other point. 
  4. Take your hair dryer and blow hot air over both points at once for about 15 seconds. You should notice that they start to come closer together but do not actually touch, creating a space for your butt to go through 5a. Keep blowing hot air over both sides for another 15 seconds and repeat step 5b if needed until you are able to comfortably fit into the chair 6b. Remember to wear clothes while doing this!

Cut the cans in half

Use duct tape to bind the first can on top of another can. 

Repeat this step for all three rows so that every other can is duct taped together. 

Place one end of the duct tape between two cans and wrap it around both ends. You’ll want to get at least three wraps with your duct tape. 

Now do this on the other side as well so that you’ve created an X shape with your two pieces of tape. Repeat this step for all four sides with your remaining pieces of duct tape until it is completely sealed up and there are no gaps between any of your cans. Place a fourth row of cans underneath each armrest, making sure they are evenly spaced out. 

Then, tape them in place using more duct tape, sealing off any gaps in the center and ensuring that they don’t slide or wiggle around. 

You’re going to have some extra pieces of duct tape left over–now’s the time to use them! Wrap them tightly around either end of the can-chair (or can-ette if you will) securing it from sliding apart or toppling over when someone sits down on it.

Arrange the halves in a chair shape

In order to make the seat, you will need two can halves, one with the top cut off. The cut-off top should be around 1 inch taller than the other half. Next, you’ll want to mark where the bottom of each half should go on the other can. You will want them as close together as possible without overlapping. Use a knife or box cutter for this part and take care not to cut yourself! When you’re finished cutting, place one can on its side and place the other on its side on top of it so that they form an X shape. Start from the outside edges and hold them in place with duct tape. Start taping at the outside edges of your chair and wrap the tape up over all four sides until you reach about 2 inches from the top. Then, wrap over again to cover any spots that are exposed due to bad cuts. 

This is what your first layer of tape should look like:

Use duct tape to secure the cans together

  1. Make sure that you have enough cans of the same size. You may need more than one type of can if they are not all the same.
  2. Take two cans and put them side by side with the opening facing towards you so that you can see both sides at once. Loop a piece of duct tape around both cans on the top, middle, and bottom, overlapping it as much as possible. If necessary, use another piece on either end to keep the ends from coming loose during use.
  3. Repeat step 2 until all your cans have been taped together in this manner forming a solid structure for your seat cushion and back support. 
  4. Leave space between the last can (the ‘back’) and the first (the ‘seat’) for extra stability. 
  5. Once you’ve finished adding the final pieces, go over your work with duct tape again, making sure no gaps exist between any of the cans. 
  6. Add more duct tape to any exposed edges or pieces that might poke through after sitting down on it or adding pressure while leaning against it.

Test it out!

A lot of the materials used in building furniture can be found in your own home. One way to create furniture is through upcycling. Upcycling is the process of reusing something that was made for another purpose. For example, you can take some old cans and turn them into a chair by following these steps: 

  1. Gather your materials- cans, heavy duty scissors, tin snips, hammer, screwdriver and drill with bits (optional). 
  2. Cut off the top and bottom from each can with heavy duty scissors or tin snips. 
  3. Using a drill with bits (optional), make holes in the side of each can (one hole on each end). 
  4. Turn the can so that it’s upside down, then slide it down over the edge of a table. 
  5. Find two chairs and place them side by side under the table at a height where they’re not too low to sit comfortably, but high enough so they don’t block access underneath. 
  6. Take one cut-off can and put it upright under one of the chairs. 
  7. Take another cut-off can and put it upright under the other chair, making sure that both ends are facing inward toward the space between the two chairs 
  8. Flip the first seat backwards onto the second seat with both ends facing inward toward the space between them 
  9. Lean back against one armrest while pushing your feet against its opposite armrest 10. Sit back as far as you would like to go.

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To make this project, you’ll need:

-A set of empty tin cans (10) 

-1 can opener 

-1 or 2 boards 

-Nails or screws (to attach the boards) 

-A drill with a screwdriver bit and hole saw attachment -Paint if desired -2′ x 4′ sheet of plywood 

-4 pieces of wood for legs about 3×4 feet each. One should be cut in half so that it is short enough to fit inside one of the cans on either side. Cut off any sharp edges. 

-Measure a square around the opening at one end of your long board, leaving an inch or two space on either side. Measure halfway up from that point and mark four more points on your board. These will be where we drill holes to attach your legs. 

-On one end where you measured from before, measure in 1 inch from either side and draw lines between these points for drilling holes for screws which will go through the can bottoms into the top of your board.

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