How to Qualify Prospects in Network Marketing?

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The dream of any network marketer is to build a huge downline of loyal distributors who will do anything to support you and your business. And the way to achieve that dream is through qualifying prospects in network marketing. Qualifying prospects is the secret to building an elite downline, but unfortunately it can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. The goal of this guide on how to qualify prospects in network marketing, then, is to provide you with the tools necessary to quickly and easily find your target market so that you can start growing your downline today!

Ask About Experience

Using these qualifying questions one can quickly sort out our prospects from our non-prospects. 1. What is your name? 2. How do you plan on using that information? 3. How does a contact list help you gain new clients? 4. Why is Myspace useful to you? 5. Why is a resumé important, anyway? 6. How do job seekers use their experience when they’re job hunting (or making a cover letter)? 7 If money isn’t everything, why bother with cash register receipts at all? 8. What would be some of your ideas for how we could improve our service/product? 9. Are there any other ways we could save you time or make it easier for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish? 10. How would a photo gallery help someone get more business? 11. Can you think of any way that we could make it easier for people who are already customers of ours to give us more business? 12. Are there any other things that might be helpful for us to know about how people typically buy products like ours or services like ours? 13 Are there any other ways we could save you time or make it easier for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish?

Give Them Opportunity to Invest

Obviously, one of our two core values is you don’t always need money to make money. This rule applies equally well when it comes to your goals — including investment. By introducing a speculative financial model into their thinking, we’re giving them a chance to save their own earnings. I think it’s healthy for everyone—businesses included—to have some skin in the game, even if it’s only a bit more than what you’d invest on that initial day of your compounding interest working for you. Plus, it helps ensure that no one will get too comfortable with any positions they take on a particular stock or call option in general — because nobody is safe from mistakes (not even us). So does anyone have any questions about our service? That was awesome! Questions? No? Great! Let’s wrap up here so you can go out there and start making money. Thanks again for coming in today. We’ll be seeing you all soon. Have a great night, everyone!

Don’t be Afraid to Listen

There is a lot of talk about quota on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Why not listen to some of that? Remember: listening improves your communication skills, which will only help you win more deals. We sometimes think we are communicating well but instead we’re just boring people because we think differently than others. Most people want to know what they already know. That’s why they attend college or read books—to be better educated than those around them so they can get ahead in life. If you want to find out more about how our network marketing program works, learn all about it on our website! We hope you enjoy becoming self-sufficient enough as well!

Continue Explaining the Product

Once you’ve used your product a few times, it’s important that you begin sharing with your friends about how it works—and why it works. The key thing is to be creative. For example, an Instagram post could consist of a photo of your dog eating something delicious. A Twitter message might consist of a video showing someone at work or out on date night. Let everyone know about how our product can change their life, showing them how we changed ours. When done correctly, these tools allow you its users to spread in a grassroots fashion–with little help from traditional advertising channels like TV ads or celebrity endorsements. The value here is that they relate specifically back to you personally!

Ask for Referrals

Not every business can operate on new leads alone, which is why it’s so important for network marketers to ask for referrals from their current customers. There are a few reasons why asking for referrals is so powerful: People love sharing their positive experiences with others. Word of mouth is one of your best forms of advertising. If people are talking about you online or offline (with friends, family, coworkers) then you’re doing something right. Your current customers are most likely your best brand advocates—don’t let them go unused! Make sure you give them credit and incentives when they recommend new people to join your team or buy from you. You should be actively looking for opportunities to thank and reward your top performers. Referrals don’t have to come directly from your clients either; if you know someone who could benefit from what you offer, feel free to spread the word! The more people that know about what you do, the better. The point here is that there are plenty of ways outside of cold calling that can get prospects into your funnel. It just takes a little creativity and persistence.

Remind Them Why They Can Trust You

You should consider yourself lucky because every gift has a purpose. For example, spring was created for a reason: so we could be reminded of its arrival each year. Your own purpose is even more noble – it’s why you were created. You’re unique, just like everyone else; so don’t sell yourself short by believing that your personal values are meaningless or inconsequential — they aren’t. They make all of us who we are as individuals. Life works better when we do things as a community. The world needs you! Not everyone can do what you can do. In fact, no one can do what you can do…and no one else will ever try. That’s how life works. And that means something special to me. It also means something special to you, too…because I’m talking about myself here! I’m talking about my life, my family and my friends. And I’m talking about yours too!


Network marketing can be a very difficult industry, especially when you’re just starting out. The best way to get started is by building relationships with people who are already in your network, then look for ways to share similar interests with them—and potential ways you can help each other out. This is how you build trust with your prospect, which means they’ll feel more comfortable opening up their wallet and writing that check once you ask them. With these three easy steps, anyone can learn how to qualify prospects in network marketing!

If you found any of our tips helpful, or have some of your own, please let us know below in the comments section or on social media (we’re everywhere at RichLifeTeam). And if there was anything that wasn’t clear enough from our guide, don’t worry! You’ll receive free customer support on any questions or concerns you may have after purchasing one of our products. To make it easier on yourself, we also provide an FAQ page as well as an educational video to answer any additional questions about choosing a business opportunity. Click here for all your customer support needs!

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