How To Setup Different Rithmic Accounts on Sierra?

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There are two ways of working with Sierra. These two workflows are the difference between the Sierra UI and a Classic interface. You can create your accounts via the classic interface or the Sierra interface. If you create them in the classic interface, then you can edit them in Sierra and vice versa. But if you create accounts in one work flow, then that’s where they will always be from then on. So here I show how to create different accounts in each work flow as well as how to edit them and finally how to delete them when they are no longer needed.

How to setup different Rithmic accounts on sierra?

Setting up a new account can be done by going to the sign-in page and clicking the create new account link. You will then need to create an account name, email address, and password. Then it’s just a matter of providing your phone number and then following all the prompts. Once your account is created, you can go back into settings if you want to change any of these things or add more phone numbers. To switch between the different accounts, you’ll have to go back into settings and select the one that you’d like to log in with. If this is too confusing for you, there are other ways that involve installing third party apps that make switching between account easier but they are also not available for iphones (currently). The best option for now would be to just use two different phones. One for personal use, and one exclusively for business purposes. The only downside is the hassle of having two separate phones, since most people don’t carry both their work phone and their personal phone with them at all times when they’re out. But considering the ease of changing back and forth, it’s worth it. If someone calls while logged into the wrong account, they won’t answer because they won’t know what number to dial. It’s always better to let them leave a voicemail than risk taking away from productivity.

How to login to an existing Rithmic account?

To login to an existing Rithmic account, click the Login button in the top-right corner of any page. Next, enter your email and password into the appropriate fields. If you have never logged in before, you will be prompted to create a new account by entering your email address and creating a password. Enter your desired username (8 characters or less) and click Create Account. Your login information will be emailed to you. You can also select I forgot my password if this is your first time logging in and we’ll send it to the email associated with that account. After clicking Login, either sign up for a new account or use your existing account credentials to log in. The next step after logging in is determining which type of currency you would like to trade: GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/JPY etc. After selecting the currency pair that matches what you’re trading, there are three things to do: 1) select which financial instrument you want to trade . Finally, click Continue.

How to change your Rithmic password?

  1. Select Settings from the home screen.
  2. Select Accounts and Devices from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Tap the gear icon next to your desired Rithmic account name, then tap Password. 
  4. Enter your old password and tap Next. 
  5. Enter a new password and tap Confirm Password. 
  6. Tap Save Changes. You’ll be asked if you want to delete the previous password. 
  7. If you want to keep both passwords, select Keep Both Passwords; otherwise, select Delete All Passwords . 
  8. Once you’ve made this selection, tap Done in the top right corner of the screen and follow any other instructions on your phone until you’re returned back to the Account & Device Settings menu (tap Back).

How to add a new broker to your Rithmic account?

When you have set up your account, it is time to add a broker. This can be done by clicking the Select Broker button in the Broker Setup window. By default, there are three types of brokers: CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade), and NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange). In addition to these three basic types of brokers, some brokers may offer other options such as spot commodities markets or index futures markets. 

 icon next to Edit Account Details and select the new type of broker from the pop-up menu. You will need to provide that broker’s URL, trading platform name, access ID and password when prompted. After entering this information click the Submit button at the bottom of the window to continue. Your list of available brokers should now include both .

How to delete a Rithmic account?

  1. Navigate to the Rithmic website 
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner of the screen 
  3. Enter your email and password 
  4. Click Forgot Password? in the lower right hand corner of the screen 2. A pop-up will appear and ask you for your email address associated with your account or phone number if you have it saved in your contacts so we can send you a reset code by text message or a phone call 
  5. Input your email address, then click Send 
  6. You should receive an email from Rithmic with an activation link within 10 minutes, which will take you back to the login page with instructions on how to set up a new password 7. Your account is now deleted


Sierra does not allow for multiple logins from the same IP address, which means that if you have more than one person using your internet connection, you’ll need to login separately. But don’t worry! Sierra’s got you covered. You can set up a new account and use your existing username and password. All you need is a new email address and a new password. It sounds like more work than it really is, but once you’re all set up, this will make things easier. And if you are sharing an internet connection with other people in your household, it might be worth setting them up too so they don’t inadvertently steal or delete anything from your account.

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