How To Style Nike Dunks?

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Nike dunks are an American sneaker staple. Since their first release in 1985, they’ve become the shoe of choice for sneaker aficionados and fashionistas alike. Many styles have gone out of production over the years, but thanks to a large number of high-quality fakes on the market (some sold by none other than Nike themselves), collectors can still get their hands on nearly any colorway they could ever want. This guide will help you style your Nike Dunks according to current fashion trends, giving you the look you want without sacrificing authenticity or rarity.

Pro tips to style Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks are one of the most popular sneakers on the market. They are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. But how do you wear them? You can wear them with a lot of different outfits, but there are some ways that I think look best. 

You can dress up your Nike Dunks with a nice pair of skinny jeans, or dress down your Nike Dunks with joggers. You can also wear them in the day time or for night time activities. And don’t forget about changing up your laces! A dark color will make your shoes go better with darker colors, while a light color will work best with lighter colors! Another great way to change up your Nike Dunks is by adding stripes (or any other design) to the sides. The design you choose should be simple enough so it doesn’t overpower the shoe. It’s also important to consider what your shirt looks like before pairing it with these shoes. For example, if you’re wearing a bright yellow shirt and want to add some brightness to your outfit, then go ahead and put yellow laces on your Nike Dunks. If you have something more neutral going on, then try either black or white laces. If your outfit is already black and white (think: all white outfit), then pick out an interesting print for the side of your sneaker! Remember to use these tips when styling these classic kicks because we all know they can get expensive fast. To finish this blog post off, here are my top three favorite pairs of Nike Dunks.

Best pairs of Nike Dunks

#1. Nike Dunk Black / White 

#2. Nike Dunk Brown / Red 

#3. Nike Dunk Blue / Yellow 

#4. Nike Dunk White/Gold 

#5. Nike Dunk Orange/Green 

#6. Nike Dunk Neon Pink

#7. Nike Dunk Grey

How to Style the Nike Dunk Low

The Nike Dunk Low is a classic basketball shoe with a low profile. The Nike Dunk was originally designed by Bruce Kilgore and debuted in 1985, with the low-cut version of the shoe debuting in 2002. With over 40 years of production, the Nike Dunk Low has made its way into fashion culture as well as being an iconic silhouette for any sneakerhead. In this guide we will discuss how you can dress up your Dunks for different occasions and what items to wear when pairing them with other pieces of clothing. The best piece of clothing to pair with the Nike Dunk is black jeans because they are both versatile enough that they will go with anything but at the same time very comfortable so it doesn’t restrict movement. 

A turtleneck or crew neck sweater looks great on top because it gives off a more formal vibe without going too crazy about it. A sweatshirt and sweatpants combo also looks great as it creates a lazy vibe that people don’t mind putting on their feet either. 

If you want to go all out, don’t forget to break out your leather jacket!

Nike Dunk Outfit for Men

Nike Dunk shoes are one of the most popular athletic shoe brands in the world, and they come in a variety of different styles. In order to select the right style of Nike Dunks for an outfit, it is important to think about what you will wear them with. For example, if you are wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you may want to go with low profile sneakers such as Nike Air Max or Nike Roshe. If you are wearing something more formal like dress slacks or khakis, then a mid-cut or high top shoe might be better suited for your outfit. The type of pants that you are wearing also has an effect on which style to choose. Low cut tennis shoes should not be worn with cropped pants because this would make the wearer look taller than they really are. Mid-cut sneakers should only be worn with cuffed pants because otherwise it looks very strange and disproportionate. High tops can work well with any type of pants but some people find them uncomfortable to walk around in all day so these might not be best if you have to do a lot of walking during your daily activities.

For women

As much as I love Nike Dunks, they can be a bit tricky to wear. You have to make sure you are wearing the right outfit with them. I think they look best with a pair of jeans or slacks and a nice top (either long-sleeved or short-sleeved). If you are wearing jeans, I recommend getting them hemmed so that the shoes don’t make your jeans bunch up. If you are wearing slacks, it is best not to tuck your shirt in because the sneakers will show when you bend down and people will see that your pants don’t match. Instead, just leave your shirt untucked over your slacks. With tops, I like to wear V-necks or tank tops to show off my neck and chest area which looks great with these shoes. Again, stay away from anything too low cut if you’re going for this particular style. The only time these should be worn without something on top is if you’re going out somewhere where people won’t notice the lack of clothes on the bottom half of your body (e.g., a night club).


Nike Dunk shoes are the most popular shoes in the world. They’re some of the most recognizable and coveted, and they’re offered in a variety of colors and materials. However, if you are not keenly aware of how to properly wear your Nike Dunks, you might be making a fashion faux pas. The following tips will help you wear your Nike Dunk shoes with ease: 

  • Wear your Nike Dunks with a dark outfit for an edgy look. 
  • If you want to make yourself look more professional, wear your Nike Dunks with a nice dress shirt or blouse along with dress pants or black jeans for a chic appearance. 
  • Want to play up your casual side? Pair your Nike Dunks with a white t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and leather sandals. 
  • Want to create a sporty vibe? Pair your Nike Dunks with khaki shorts and a navy polo shirt for preppy-casual appeal.
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