What Is a $4.99 Amazon Digital Charge?

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What does this $4.99 amazon digital charge mean? A lot of people seem to be confused about this mysterious charge on their credit cards that appear as $4.99 amazon digital charges (otherwise known as sometimes show up as 99-cent charges). As you read through the explanation below, if you see something you don’t understand, please don’t be embarrassed to ask questions in the comments section below! I want to make sure everyone understands exactly what these charges are and why they are showing up on your credit card statements. It might not seem like much, but when that little $4.99 charge appears in your bank account each month and you have no idea why, it can add up quickly and cause serious trouble to your account if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Let’s go through what the $4.99 charge means and how to avoid it completely so you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Amazon digital services

Amazon, being the largest retailer on the planet, offers many useful services to its customers in addition to Prime shipping. Recently, one of these services was introduced, as Amazon unveiled its new Digital Services that were made available starting July 12th 2018. The new service provides e-books, movies and music to consumers who subscribe to the service monthly or yearly at either $9.95 monthly or $119 annually – this pricing comes out to less than a dollar per day! And if you purchase through Amazon’s digital store it is cheaper per item which comes out on top for Prime members because they also have access to Prime Day every year in July which has deals for people like you. Now with the introduction of their digital service, there is no reason not to buy from Amazon. With free two-day shipping on all purchases over $35 and free returns and unlimited streaming of popular TV shows (for those who are prime members) what more could anyone ask for?

$4.99 charge

I was recently charged an extra $4.99 for Amazon Digital Services and I wanted to know what the charge was for. I went on Google and found this answer from the Amazon site: This includes any charges you may receive from other services, such as renting or purchasing content. I don’t remember ever agreeing to this, but it does make sense that if someone rents or purchases content from Amazon, they would incur this type of fee. Unfortunately there are no other details about what this means, so I’m still not sure what the extra charge is for. It’s frustrating because I’ve always used Amazon before without incurring any additional fees, and now all of a sudden one pops up out of nowhere. The only thing I can figure is that there must have been some sort of change in my account settings without me noticing and this is just the result. The good news is that it seems like once I fixed the problem everything seemed back to normal again. So while my original concern hasn’t been addressed yet, at least now I know how to go about fixing things should something like this happen again! The extra $4.99 charge: A few weeks ago, I noticed a $4.99 charge on my credit card statement called Amazon Digital Services. I had no idea what this could be and I wondered why it hadn’t shown up on my past statements. After searching online, I realized that the fee was related to anything purchased or rented through Amazon video streaming service. Previously, when I bought items through the Amazon store (without streaming), there were no additional fees associated with them–I didn’t need to worry about being charged for shipping either–so the email offers probably never came across my radar since they weren’t relevant to me then.

How to avoid the charge

Amazon has recently added a new method of charging for digital goods: an additional $4.99 to the purchase price, which includes apps, ebooks, and music downloads. The new fee was included in Amazon’s most recent update to their Terms of Use agreement, and will be applied to all transactions where the purchase price exceeds one dollar ($1). This means that if you buy an ebook for two dollars (USD), you’ll pay five dollars (USD) total ($2 + $4.99). Although some people are frustrated by this new policy, there are ways to avoid paying it altogether . One way is to only make purchases of less than one dollar. Another way is to use Amazon Coins instead of cash on your Kindle Fire or tablet. For example, 100 coins equals ten cents (0.10 USD). You can even transfer the coins from your account back into USD at any time! If you’re not using a Kindle device, then another way to avoid this extra cost is to opt out of the Digital Text Platform. By opting out of DTP, you won’t have access to titles sold through DTP but will also avoid being charged for them. If you do plan on using DTP anyway despite opting out, Amazon does offer payment plans so that the cost doesn’t come up all at once .

What to do if you’re already being charged

When you start getting charged for an Amazon Digital subscription that you’ve never heard of, it can be easy to get scared. But it turns out that this isn’t anything to worry about! It’s very likely just the result of one of Amazon’s prices changes. Below, I’ll outline what to do if you’re being charged for an Amazon Digital subscription without remembering joining one or if you know it was not your account that initiated the purchase. 

The first thing to do is try and log into your account on Amazon and check any recent orders. If there are any purchases related to Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Matchbook, then those are most likely why you are receiving these charges on your bank statement. The reason they may not have been visible in your order history with Amazon is because they are digital items which are sent directly to your device so no delivery confirmation email will be sent when they arrive.


If you are wondering what that $4.99 charge on your account was, it’s likely that Amazon has overcharged you for the Kindle book purchase (or other type of digital download). The next time you buy a book or other type of media from Amazon, make sure to go through the checkout process to avoid this. If you still see an issue with an Amazon order after going through all steps, contact customer service right away so they can investigate and refund your account accordingly. You may also want to check your credit card statements carefully to make sure there aren’t any additional charges. For example, if you have been using a debit card instead of a credit card to make purchases in recent months, you may not be aware that those transactions have affected your available balance.

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